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Market problems:

  • Object Selection

  • No Unified Access

  • Bureaucratic Obstacles

  • High Risk Of Fraud

When dealing with real-estates sector, gathering the information gets very complicated. There are multiple websites where you can look for options but it’s still a lot of hard work. We plan BREM to become your go-to place when looking for real-estate.

When you are looking for a real-estate in some specific country, it is still an option to go through all local websites and evaluate the market. But what happens when you look for property world wide? It’s an enormous amount of information and a total mess at the same time. We plan BREM to become the single platform with world-wide real estate.

Real estate is the market where bureaucracy flourishes. It can take up to 18 month to sort out the legal part of office rent for contract for companies. BREM is going to become a vital solution to this problem by utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology.

Real-estate deals usually do involve a lot of money so there is nothing worse than encountering a fraud or scam. We offer BREM smart-contracts as an effective solution for any financial situation, no matter what they are: rent, purchase or investment.

Problems of investing
in real estate market:

  • High Entry

  • Time-Consuming
    Market Analysis

Investing in a real-estate in a classical way means buying a high-value property and managing it. The real-estate market is also constantly growing so every year you need more and more money to join the big league. However, we created BREM to make it accessible and real invest in real estate even with $1,000 in the pocket.

Unless you are extremely qualified and indecently rich, you investment opportunities are limited to the local market. And even if you invest just there, it is still going to require a lot of analysis & research before actually investing. BREM breaks the borders & market barriers by providing a transparent and reliable information on real-estate world-wide.

BREM benefits


Worldwide coverage

The substantial base of international and local real estate objects.


Reliable & verified transactions

Trust, security, clarity, and reliability of a transaction issues solved with the blockchain technology.


AI-system implementation

Investment analysis based on Artificial Intelligence.


Convenient payment options

Payments available in cryptocurrency and tokens.


Online deal conclusion

Quick and easy-to-use system for client’s convenience & time-saving.


Online support system

Full free online transactions support by professionals from different areas (mortgage, lawyer, notary, etc.).

Brem offers object tokenzation

  • Global real estate investment volumes hit $1.39 trillion in 2017
  • Unmatched opportunities for investors
  • Crowding instrument for developer
  • Investment analysis based on artificial intelligence
  • Exchange market for Real Estate Object Tokens

BREM + Blockchain

  • Payments in BRM-tokens
  • BrmT tokens for tokensized objects
  • Smart-contracts ensure that sellers gets paid but only when the deal is made
  • Register deals usubg smart contracts
  • Reward system for active users and agencies


Token distribution

Pre Sale

20% discount


15% discount – 1 week
10% discount – 2 week
5% discount – 3 week
0% discount – 4 week

Token sale details:

Token ticker - BRM

1 BRM Token - 1 USD

$3,000,000 → soft cap,
$15,000,000 → hard cap

Utlity token

25 000 000 tokens

All unsold tokens burn out

Our ico roadmap

April 2017
prototype Initiation
Septemper 2017
prototype advanced development
May 2018
working platform prototype
September 2018
Privat Sale
January 2019
live production
April 2019
platform launch




Development of the direction Residential real estate. Experience in real estate – 8 years. She occupied leading positions in the largest companies-builders of Europe. She was engaged in the development of regional sales and the organization of financial support for transactions.



Development of the Commercial real estate. Experience in real estate – 12 years. She held leading positions in the consulting company Blackwood (brokerage) and Investment Group Absolute. She was engaged in sales management in the Russian and international markets.



Creative team leader for 12 years. He took the position of the Art Director Rambler.



Mentor, Vice President of Acceleration (RACIB), expert UN.



Digital Marketing Manager with 2 years experience focused on crypto-projects. Has a background in developing & executing bounty-campaigns for ICO projects.



Strategy and Finance Advisor of RACIB Accelerator. Investing, business consulting, property development and real estate operations since 2003.



Chairman of GMD Group Co., Ltd. Seoul Korea


Vice President of the Korean Venture Business Association (KOVA)


Co-founder of Black Marketing Guru, one of the most important European Growth Hackers


Icobench Top10 Expert, co-Founder of Italian digital marketing startup

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General questions

The BREM Portal, created by the our team, is a new generation platform created for an easy purchase of real estate objects from any region of the country or the world, having all the necessary additional tools at their fingertips (mortgages, legal support, registration of the transaction, etc.) In addition, developers can tokenize real estate objects and attract investment for construction.

Among our platform’s best features are:

  1. Substantial base of international and local real estate objects;
  2. Trust, security, clarity and reliability of a transaction issues solved with the blockchain technology;
  3. Investment analysis based on Artificial Intelligence;
  4. Online deal conclusion;
  5. Payments in cryptocurrency and tokens;
  6. Reliable and verified transactions.

Among our platform’s best features are:

  1. Substantial base of international and local real estate objects;
  2. Trust, security, clarity and reliability of a transaction issues solved with the blockchain technology;
  3. Investment analysis based on Artificial Intelligence;
  4. Online deal conclusion;
  5. Payments in cryptocurrency and tokens;
  6. Reliable and verified transactions.

Our project will use all the popular social network resources like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, etc.

Due to the use of blockchain technology, all the deals will have the utmost level of security as they will be processed with the smart-contracts.

You can read more information about our platform on the official website and in BREM Whitepaper.


The BREM platform is scheduled to be launch in 2019.

Our clients are the developers, real estate agencies and investors (buyers), seeking for an innovative market solution which will save their time, effort and funds.

The bonus system for activity (booking, conclusion of deals, purchase of advertising, etc.) will be introduced into the Portal's ecosystem later on, rewards are calculated in the form of BREM tokens, which can later be exchanged for advertising on the Portal or sold on the crypto-exchange.

All fees and bonuses on our platform are paid out of the Ecofund, which is formed and replenished at the expense of interest from the commission paid in tokens, while any transaction can also be held in the fiat currencies.For investors, we offer significant bonuses for the 2nd purchase when using our platform. In addition, agencies will be able to receive monthly bonuses for a certain number of successful transactions completed.

The Portal will be further enhanced, the functions and services working on the blockchain will be implemented in a timely manner, which will allow the portal to have all the advantages of the technology (security, reliability, reliability, availability) and to simplify the process of buying and selling at an international level.

General questions

Dates of the main token sale are:
Pre Sale will take place — 13.07.2018 - 12.08.2018
The crowds sale — 13.08.2018 - 10.09.2018

  • Convenient payment tool;
  • Tokenization option for the objects under construction;
  • The Smart-contracts ensure the deal completion - the function of freezing funds until certain stage by the developer.
  • Special reward system for the most active users and real estate agencies.
  • BRM token will be an extremely profitable and high-tech solution that will allow to reach a new level of attracting investments and working with the dealer network. In turn, the agencies will receive a new and convenient functionality for working with clients, selection of objects and conclusion of transactions.

During the ICO, fiat currencies and digital currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) will be accepted.

$3 million and $15 million, respectively.

The total amount of tokens issued is 25 000 000 tokens with the price of $1 per each.

All unsold tokens will be burned.

You can invest any amount at your discretion.

The lowest possible investment is non less than $0,1 ETH or equal of fiat.

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